Management Team

gary.jpgGary Robson — Co-Owner

Gary writes the Tea With Gary blog, and has also written 29 books, including Myths & Legends of Tea, and his bestselling Who Pooped in the Park series. Over his career, he's also written hundreds of articles for magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers, and Web sites. He also writes and draws the Ferret in a Lab Coat webcomic. All of his in-print books are available here at the Phoenix Pearl Tea Tavern (of course).

Gary has served on the boards of a number of area nonprofits, including the Red Lodge Festival of Nations, Red Lodge Area Chamber of Commerce, Beartooth Elks Lodge #534, and the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary. Whenever there’s a Scottish event going on in town, Gary is always involved and often the emcee.


kathy.jpgKathy Robson — Co-Owner

Kathy performs realtime television closed captioning for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. She can write at over 250 words per minute on her special shorthand machine with better than 99% accuracy. If you turn on the captioning on your television, you’ll see her mostly on baseball, football, and rodeo, but also on a variety of other sports, news, and talk shows. She chaired the Belfry, Montana school board, and has served on the boards of the Red Lodge Area Chamber of Commerce and Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary. She currently serves as president of the Red Lodge Merchants & Lodging Association.


gwen-selfie.jpgGwendolyn Gunn — Manager

Gwen is an accomplished tea master, managing the teas in both Red Lodge Books & Tea, the store it became in Billings, MT, and continues her work here. She is a trained master of masala chai, and is a sucker for mint and lapsang souchong (though not necessarily together. Although...).

She's also an author! She publishes under her middle name, Desdemona Gunn, and writes fantasy, known for her predominantly female casts, transhumanist themes, and inclusiveness to the LGBT community.