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The Tea Box! - Monthly Subscription Box

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The Tea Box!
Monthly Subscription Box

Discounts Apply for Multiple Months at a Time.
Monthly Invoices will be Sent after Chosen Months have Elapsed.
You May Cancel these Invoices via Email to Cancel the Boxes.

Wish you could keep up with the new and exciting blends at Phoenix Pearl Tea, but just can't find the time or money?

Can't stop by the tavern 'cause you don't live near Red Lodge?

Well we have a solution for you! Introducing the Tea Box from Phoenix Pearl Tea! Every month, we'll ship out a box of premium teas straight to your door (or PO box, whatever) for the simple price of $20+shipping per month! Keep up with out blends, keep your tea cabinet fresh, and see what we have to offer with the Tea Box!

Standard Box

This variety of the Tea Box is the Standard Box, which is the easy pick. This has all the new and exciting blends we're always coming up with, so you can stay up-to-date on what's new at Phoenix Pearl Tea. We'll get you bags of each new blend, and if you like it, just hop on the site and buy some more! The great thing about this box is the teas are always fresh, always new, and always available if you want more. You'll never know what you're getting, sometimes traditional single-estate teas, sometimes a rich fruity herbal, or a minty green, or a spicy masala chai, or a sweet earl grey, you never know! This is for those who want variety, excitement, and a constant stream of whatever we're cooking up this month.

Purist Box

This variety of the Tea Box is the Purist Box, for those who prefer the unadulterated taste of tea. No frills, no fruit, no sweets, just pure tea in this box. Now we may occasionally throw in a Rooibos or Honeybush that's single-estate and delightful, but it will always be straight-up no-flavors, and it will always be in the context of the teas around it. No mints, no spices, none of that, just pure leaf. Enjoy our curated selection of single-estate teas through this box. And yes, this may occasionally come with a high-end premium tea, as we like to treat our purists.

Herbal Box

This variety of the Tea Box is the Herbal Box, which is exactly what it sounds like. Look, we get it, caffeine hits you hard. Maybe you don't want the jitters all day, or maybe you just love your Irish Breakfast tea in the morning and need variety in your afternoons. We can help with that. Every single month, this box will bring you the best of our herbal options, completely free of any caffeine. Every month'll be different. Maybe some sweet blends this month, maybe a fruity here, a minty there, and a good ol' fashioned traditional rooibos occasionally. You never know what you'll get with this variety box, but it'll always be herbal.