Rock Creek - Blackberry Sage Black

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Rock Creek - Blackberry Sage Black

Named for the brook that runs through out little town here, the Rock Creek is a rich, intense black tea with potent blackberry flavor. Blackberry is a powerful flavor by itself, capable of easily overpowering a drink and pushing it into the bitter side of the flavor pallet, and with a strong black tea as a base, it results in a blend that must be approached with caution, like a flowing river. To tame the beast, we steep it short and toss in a touch of sugar, and not only does it mellow the astringency and pop the fruit, but it draws out the mellowing agent of the sage, making a well-rounded, delicious fruity experience.

Brewing Suggestions

  • Use 7g (≈1 tbsp) of leaf per ½ liter (≈17 oz) of water.
  • Use boiling (100°C/212°F) water
  • Steep for 1 minute, strain leaves, and enjoy!
  • If you like sugar, try 1-2 tsp, and steep for 2 minutes instead!
    • Don't forget to try for multiple infusions! Just add time to each steep.
      • For under 2:00 steep times, add 30 sec.
      • For 2:00 to 4:00, add 1 minute.
      • For over 4:00, add 2 minutes or more.
    • Like milk in your tea? Steep an extra minute!
    • Too strong? Take off a minute, or use 5g of leaf instead!
    • Too light? Kick it up another minute, or use 10g of leaf instead!
    • Wanna do a tea latte?
      • Use 11g (≈1½ tbsp) of leaf per ½ liter (≈17 oz).
      • Steep 2 minutes in ¼ liter (≈8 oz) boiling (100°C/212°C) water
      • Add ¼ liter (≈8 oz) hot milk, steep another 3 minutes.
      • Strain leaves, add sugar if you like (1 tsp usually does it), and enjoy!


  • South Indian black tea
  • Natural blackberry flavor
  • Freeze-dried blackberries
  • Wildcrafted white sage leaves


We are a small independent operation, and as such we operate inside of our retail space, the Phoenix Pearl Tea Tavern in Red Lodge, MT. We bag teas for orders while also serving in-store customers, including making cups of tea, making food, and selling bulk and retail purchases. Our employees work as quickly as they can, but we don't have a warehouse to operate out of with dedicated employees. As such, orders may take anywhere from 1-5 business days to ship. Thank you for understanding.