Gravekeeper 2014 - 826 Shu Pu-Erh Brick

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2014 Gravekeeper - 826 Shu Pu-Erh Cake
Pu'er City, Yunnan, China

Shu tea is known for its more earthy notes, like rich dirt, and all of our shus have radically different earthy tones. This one has a distinctly suburban taste to it.

Imagine the smell of rain as it beats down on the lawns around you, the carefully cut and curated grass, the swept sidewalks. Imagine the tinny sound of the rain hitting the car on the driveway beside your porch, the rain pattering on the cover above you. This tea matches that perfectly. An incredible earthy tone, deep rich flavors, and an ever-changing flavor profile with each subsequent steep.

Make sure to steep repeatedly, as the first steep is just breaking the leaves apart; it'll be much lighter than the rest. Steep 2 will hit harder with earthy flavors, 3 will peak with incredible rainy earth flavors, and 4 will start to dwindle, but stay strong. It easily lasts 6 steeps, maybe more!

Now notice with the picture that it's like a candybar; it breaks apart. One of those little squares is 7g, which is perfect for one ½ liter cup of tea, or a cup half that size with double the number of steeps and half the steep times.

Brewing Suggestions

  • Break 1 square of leaf off the brick per ½ liter (≈17 oz) of water
  • Break chunk into several smaller chunks
  • Use boiling water
  • Consider doing a "wash,"
    • Put just enough boiling water onto the leaves to swish them around for a few seconds
    • Dump water, but not leaves
  • Steep for 1:00, strain leaves, and enjoy!
    • Don't forget to get multiple infusions off this one! It goes easily six rounds.
    • Too strong? Take off 15 seconds, or use 5g of leaf instead!
    • Too light? Kick it up another 15-30 seconds or more, or use 10g of leaf instead.


Chinese shu pu-erh dark tea.