Fruits of Avalon - Dessert Pu-Erh

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Fruits of Avalon - Chocolate Hazelnut Strawberry Shu

A tea to represent the island upon which Excalibur was forged, where King Arthur himself licked his wounds after the Battle of Camlann, and where he will return from some day to lead his people against their enemies. We choose to name this blend after Avalon (originally named Ynys Afallach in Welsh, meaning Island of Fruit/Apple Trees) in that this blend is packed with fruity bliss, utterly unlike anything of its ilk, and would prove the perfect drink for any great leader recovering from battle.

This pu-erh, a fermented style of tea with an intensely earthy flavor, provides the base of the blend. Around this pu-erh, we add strawberries for a light note against the dark base, then add cocoa nibs to boost the dark undertones past the strawberry, then a potent hazelnut over top to give it a sweet and bright finish. This blend is excellent any way you want it, though we suggest hot, either as a straight tea or a latte. If you try a latte, try it with cashew milk! It adds to the flavors perfectly.

Brewing Suggestions

  • Use 7g (≈1 tbsp) of leaf per ½ liter (≈17 oz) of water.
  • Use boiling (100°C/212°F) water
  • Steep for 2 minutes, strain leaves, and enjoy!
    • Don't forget to try for multiple infusions! Just add time to each steep.
      • For under 2:00 steep times, add 30 sec.
      • For 2:00 to 4:00, add 1 minute.
      • For over 4:00, add 2 minutes or more.
    • Like milk in your tea? Steep an extra minute!
    • Too strong? Take off a minute, or use 5g of leaf instead!
    • Too light? Kick it up another minute, or use 10g of leaf instead!
    • Wanna do a tea latte?
      • Use 10g (≈1½ tbsp) of leaf per ½ liter (≈17 oz).
      • Steep 2 minutes in ¼ liter (≈8 oz) boiling (100°C/212°C) water
      • Add ¼ liter (≈8 oz) hot milk, steep another 3 minutes.
      • Strain leaves, add sugar if you like (1 tsp usually does it), and enjoy!


  • Chinese Yunnan shu pu-erh tea
  • Strawberries
  • Cocoa nibs
  • Natural strawberry extract
  • Natural creme extract
  • Natural hazelnut extract


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