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Second Wind 2019 - Sticky Rice Pu-Erh Bricks

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2019 Second Wind - Sticky Rice Pu-Erh Bricks
Pu'er City, Yunnan, China

The fight is hard. Long. Endless, one might feel. Steel against steel. Flesh against flesh. Blood in the air like iron. Your muscles ache. Your breath is short. Your flesh is bruised and cut. Everything aches. You fall to your knees. You haven't lost, but you are defeated.

An arm comes to you, lifting you to your feet. Your body rejects it, but you feel you must go on. You must. You fight the urge to collapse once more and walk, with help from this person. The medic. You are guided to a tent, and sat in a chair. Water boils as the medic drops a brick into a cup, pouring the water upon it. You breathe, sigh, slump, and feel every muscle in your body scream.

But in no time, a cup is under your nose. It's dark, earthy, brown like a forest floor. It smells like food, like rice, like sustenance. You sip it, and an earthy, sustaining wave washes throughout your body. It pulses through your senses. Like the earth itself moving into you to give you strength. The tea gives energy, and carries with it the spirit of life-giving rice, making your muscles finally relax, ending their ceaseless strain. By the end of the cup, you feel new again, your arms lifting once more, your jaw set, your eyes lively, energy in your veins and power in your heart.

Your second wind has come.

Now fight, soldier, and when you can fight no more, there will be another cup waiting.

Brewing Suggestions

  • Break 1 brick of leaf per ½ liter (≈17 oz) of water
  • Break chunk into several smaller chunks if you can.
    • Consider using a pu-erh knife to break the chunk apart.
    • This brick is tight-packed and difficult to break, if you can't, don't worry.
  • Use boiling water
  • Consider doing a "wash,"
    • Put just enough boiling water onto the leaves to swish them around for a few seconds
    • Dump water, but not leaves
  • Steep for 3:00 (only 1:30 if you break it into several smaller pieces) strain leaves, and enjoy!
    • Don't forget to get multiple infusions off this one! It goes easily six rounds.
      • For under 2:00 steep times, add 30 sec.
      • For 2:00 to 4:00, add 1 minute.
      • For over 4:00, add 2 minutes or more.
    • Too strong? Take off 15 seconds, or use 5g of leaf instead!
    • Too light? Kick it up another 15-30 seconds or more, or use 10g of leaf instead.


  • Chinese Yunnan pu-erh tea
  • "Sticky Rice Leaves" (Nuo Mi Xiang, Semnostachya menglaensis H.P.Tsui)


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