Shu (Ripe) Tea

Pu-erh is fermented to give it a deep earthy flavor and aroma. It was traditionally pressed into cakes for transportation, but we have it loose as well. It is one of the oldest type of tea in China with a rich history of over 1700 years that can be traced back to the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD).

Pu-erh should be “rinsed” once with hot water (steep for about 5-10 seconds and discard the water), and then can be brewed over and over. It will still produce a good cup of tea the 6th or 7th time you use the leaves. Most pu-erh has lots of caffeine, especially in the first infusion.

Raw pu-erh (also known as "sheng" or "green" pu-erh) is often compared to an rich earthy green tea. Raw pu-erhs are aged before drinking -- typically for at least five years. Although our inventory varies, we usually have raw pu-erhs dating back at least 10-15 years. Please give us a call to see what we have available at the moment.

Ripe pu-erh (also known as "shu" or "cooked" pu-erh) uses a bacterial kick-start for the fermentation process, making it much stronger much sooner. Although it is still aged, you don't have to wait for five or ten years to drink a ripe pu-erh. Ripe pu-erhs are often used to aid digestion and weight loss.