Community Rooms

When we built the Phoenix Pearl Tea Tavern, we wanted a place for people to hang out with friends and play games, drink tea, hold a book club meeting, get a committee together, or just relax. The main seating area includes tables, booths, and a comfy couch. The bar is a great place to try different teas and chat with our tea masters. If you want someplace a little more private, we have a couple of community rooms as well.

The Yunnan Room


The larger of our two community rooms is named for one of the top tea-growing regions of the world: the Yunnan province of China. There's seating for eight at the table (ten if you don't mind getting a bit cozy), plus a couch. It's a perfect place to enjoy a pot of our Golden Gun (a golden monkey tea from Yunnan)!

The Ceylon Room


The smaller room carries the old name for Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea is known worldwide, and has a wide diversity of flavor depending on the altitude and weather condition in different parts of the island. There is seating for six people. Have a pot of our Red Earth Ceylon tea here with your friends!