Signature Green Tea Box

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  • A 5cm tea ball with a chain to affix to the side of your mug.
  • A 7.5cm tea ball with a chain to affix to the side of your mug.
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Phoenix Pearl Tea Box
Signature Green Teas

Need some green tea in your life, but don't know what to get? Feeling adventurous? Curious about our offerings? Need a gift for someone that loves green tea, but can't decide? This is the box for you.

With this box, depending on which box you'd like, you will wind up with a selection of small bags of straight-up traditional green teas with no additional flavors. Some stronger, some lighter, and all tasty. Just remember to watch the water temperature! 175°F/80°C is the temp to get, or it'll burn. The particular black teas you get is decided by the level of box you select.


We are a small independent operation, and as such we operate inside of our retail space, the Phoenix Pearl Tea Tavern in Red Lodge, MT. We bag teas for orders while also serving in-store customers, including making cups of tea, making food, and selling bulk and retail purchases. Our employees work as quickly as they can, but we don't have a warehouse to operate out of with dedicated employees. As such, orders may take anywhere from 1-5 business days to ship. Thank you for understanding.