Sweet Matchas

You've heard so much about it, but what really is matcha? Well traditionally, it's a high grade of shaded & steamed green tea from Japan similar to Gyokuro, which after processing is ground into a super fine powder. Matcha has been used in the Japanese tea ceremony for centuries, and is still drank today! Recently, it's been hailed in America for its health benefits, and has a killer hype train behind it.

As such, we have upped our stocks of matcha tremendously! We have the traditional, the unusual, and the highly irregular to suit any flavor palate. The following matchas are Sweet Matchasthey all have sugar pre-blended into them. Our distributor on these uses organic Japanese cane sugar, and shakes the matcha thoroughly with it, causing the matcha powder to bind to the sugar crystals, resulting in a much smoother texture that requires less stirring/whisking.