Gary’s Guide to Successful Book Signings

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Gary D. Robson

At long last, your book is done. You’ve handed off the final manuscript to your editor, had your photo taken for the book jacket, and emptied your celebratory bottle of wine. Time to start on the next book? No. It’s time to start planning the marketing and promotion for this one!

Gary’s Guide to Successful Book Signings will walk you through your launch party, book signings, talks, and conventions. It covers everything from the basics (how do you sign a book?) to the advanced (what should be in your exhibitor kit at a book show?) replete with tips, tricks, sample signatures, photos, and anecdotes. The book is fully indexed to make everything easy to find.

The book is an easy-to-read brain dump from Gary’s extensive experience with book events. He has written over two dozen books and owned a bookstore for 15 years. There are also tips and stories from other authors across the genre spectrum, including Douglas Preston, James W. Hall, Keith McCafferty, Sneed Collard, Craig Lancaster, Chrysti the Wordsmith, Vonda McIntyre, and Gary Ferguson.


Gary Robson comes at the art and science of book signings from two distinct, yet complementary viewpoints: as a successful, innovative bookstore owner and as a popular author. Bottom line, he knows this stuff inside-out, and here he’s also leaned on the experience and good graces of his friends in both businesses. If you’re an author, heed the advice in this fine guide. If you’re a bookseller, the same exhortation applies.
—Craig Lancaster, author of 600 Hours of Edward and This is What I Want.