Bioenhancement: Book 2 in the Biomancer Quintet

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Bioenhancement: Book 2 in the Biomancer Quintet

Bioenhancement by Desdemona Gunn is the second book in the Biomancer Quintet, a transhumanist fantasy with a predominantly female cast of characters and overarching feminist and LGBT-friendly themes.

Bioenhancement deals with the fallout from the ambitious actions in Biomancy. Ties are broken and pacts are made, forging alliances in a war no one wanted and that no one can really win.


For those that have already read Biomancy...

Taking place 20 turns (2 years-ish in local time) after the taking of the Black Keep, Leana Incubore has settled into the keep, making great strides in biomantic studies. Elon and Liz have gotten used to their new home and found contentedness in marriage, but find their rut increasingly uncomfortable. Osa, once excited at the prospect of a steady job, has found herself bored with the same old business dess-to-dess. All the while, Illy & Rhia have found new happiness with each other living far from home.

Ultimately, as tends to happen, disaster strikes. Everyone finds themselves on one side or another of a war that no one wanted, and that no one can really win.


I am taking pre-orders for this book right now, and any books purchased through my website will come with a complimentary e-book of Biomancy and Bioenhancement! Purchase of each individual e-book will be available upon release of Bioenhancement on Tuesday, November 7th.