A Tea Journey: Your Personal Tea Cupping Journal

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Gary D. Robson

This guided journal is designed to guide you through the next 100 teas you taste. Keeping notes about each cup of tea encourages you to drink your tea actively, paying attention to taste, aroma, appearance, and how it feels in your mouth. When you journal about it, tea becomes an experience to savor and linger over instead of just another drink.

Tea is a subjective experience. Between these covers, nobody’s opinion matters but your own. Don’t worry about what other people think of a particular tea; just record your own impressions.

The more tea you taste and record in your journal, the more you’ll develop your palate. There may be a particular style you don’t like now that you’ll find yourself drawn to at some point in the future.

Comparative cupping is a great way to develop your palate. Get two similar teas and try them side by side, recording your impressions on facing pages of the journal.