About Us

Here at the Phoenix Pearl Tea Company, we care about two things above all else, Quality and Taste. We're not herbalists looking to cure your maladies, nor are we an English tea company demanding you drink our tea properly to our standards. We focus on making sure we serve good tea that tastes good. Our teamaster, co-founder Gwendolyn Gunn, personally tastes every single blend added to our menu, confirming we can serve & sell the right blends for you.

All blends and teas we sell have instructions included with them based on steeping suggestions from Gwen herself, quality tested herself. Of course, there's no obligation to drink it the way we suggest, this is just the way we've tasted ourselves and believe is the best way to drink it in our opinion. We never judge or besmirch anyone's preferred methods of consumption.

Roughly 1/3 of our 150-strong selection is blended in-house by Gwendolyn Gunn, or her father, co-founder and owner Gary Robson. Both are trained in the art of tea-craft and have been blending teas for the company for over seven years. Each blend is painstakingly blended, tested, and re-blended to make it perfect. We don't release a single blend into the wild until we're all satisfied with it. We take great pride in not only providing the traditional blends, but also interesting experiments to set ourselves apart. You can count on us to get you a unique blend you've never had elsewhere.

Not only do we take pride in our house-blended teas, but also our sourcing. A large portion of our Pure Teas section is single-estate, meaning we have sourced the tea down to a single farm (a single picking, if we can). We are transparent about our sourcing, as we want you to know where your tea comes from, and what quality to expect. If we can get the name of the person that picked the leaves, we'll put it on the bag. We cultivate relationships with independent farms wherever possible to get you the purest tea we can.

The Phoenix Pearl Tea Company is centered out of Red Lodge, MT, where our Flagship Tavern is located. We operate out of the tavern entirely; we do our blending, our sourcing, everything right out of the bar. We're an independent organization run by a close family. We hope you enjoy our tea, and if you can make it to beautiful Red Lodge, at the foot of the Beartooth Pass, we'd love to see you in our tavern.