About Us

There are thousands of tea shops in the U.S., and most of them fit into one of three categories: the British-style tearoom, the Asian tea shop, and the herbalist. Our management team doesn't want to be any of those, so we created our own feel. Our tea tavern doesn't focus on any one particular geographic area (we import tea and herbs from over 20 different countries), or any one tea style. Our core operating principles are:

  1. It's all about the flavor. We don't pick teas and herbs based on health claims or trendiness. We import high-quality teas, estate-grown wherever possible, that we think taste good.
  2. No tea snobs here. We believe that there's no wrong way to enjoy a cup of tea. We won't look down our noses at you if you want us to add sugar to a first-flush Darjeeling, or milk to your gunpowder green tea. That's may not be how we drink it, but if you like it that way, it's right for you.
  3. We don't want the high-energy, loud environment of a coffee shop. Our tea tavern is a calm place to relax alone or with your friends.
  4. We are tabletop game fans, so we provide games to play and plenty of places to play them.
  5. We are big fans of shopping local. Our food is local whenever possible, and we do much of our blending here on-premises (we're part of the Made in Montana program) so we can control the ingredients and keep them fresh.