There Will Be Dungeons

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We here at Phoenix Pearl Tea have partnered with acclaimed D&D Liveplay podcast There Will Be Dungeons to make a line of signature teas based on their characters, places, and overall setting. Proceeds of the sales of the bags go into the podcast, helping it thrive and grow, so every bag you buy helps your favorite D&D podcast!

Please enjoy a taste of The Wastes with our There Will Be Dungeons signature line!

character-bundle-2.png year-2-bundle-2.png

1x1.gifvorel-s-soothing-black-leaf.png hope-s-vengeance.png nash-maggard-s-firebolt.png stanley-s-prestidigitiation.png
1x1.gifdiontalus-archfey-of-carnage.png bok-bok-s-goodberry.png button-s-best-intentions.png fate-4.png
1x1.gifcharlamagne-s-breakfast.png dusthill-delight.png lemon-tree.png pixieblush.png
1x1.giflong-rest.png dragon-engine.png principal-city.png dream-drinker.png

Year 2 Blends!

1x1.gifgolden-sands.png oriphi-s-rest.png angelashi-s-aria.png taste-of-the-tidebearers.png